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Expedite your Supply Chain with Empire Logistics

Empire Logistics was created to serve the broader shipper community, across all transportation modes and products, by combining years of award-winning expertise and cutting edge technology. For years, our sister company, Empire Express has provided a superior customer experience in a highly specialized niche – servicing geographically focused, safety and time sensitive shippers. That expertise in handling specialized shipments is now being expanded into the broader shipper community. Let our experts expedite your supply chain. For more information please visit our Shippers and Services pages.


Expand Your Reach with Empire Logistics E3 Carrier Gateway

Our strong and diverse carrier partners understand the advantage of partnering with Empire Logistics. Our E3 Carrier Gateway gives you access to leverage our Fortune 500 customer base effortlessly. Our partners enjoy booking and pre-planning multiple loads in advance to ensure those wheels keep turning. Let our experts expand your reach with the E3 Carrier Gateway. Visit our Carriers page to learn more.


Experience Empire Excellence

Empire Logistics is the completely transparent, safe and secure, supply chain solution. Our vision is to expand the reach of an award-winning team of experts to expedite the supply chain and ensure the success of the American Truck Driver. Our primary objective is to utilize technology to provide completely transparent transportation transactions to our shippers through a select, highly reliable partner-carrier base. At a time when supply chain seems like an ever-changing enigma, a stagnant procurement strategy costs time and money. Count on us to provide an elite turn-key experience throughout your supply chain. Experience Empire Excellence.

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